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    Xinrui Carbide Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.

     Company Profile
    Business Type: Exporter, Manufacturer, Other

    Company description
    We are professional manufacturer of carbide inserts and carbide cutting tools. Such as turning inserts, milling inserts, end mills, threading inserts, parting and grooving inserts, carbide drawing dies, clamping blade, ceramic inserts, etc.

    And we can produce carbide inserts according to your drawings or samples.

    If you have any interest, please inform us.

     Contact information
    Company name:  Xinrui Carbide Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.
    Company type:  Exporter, Manufacturer, Other
    Contact Person:  Xinrui carbide Send Inquiry
    City:  Zhuzhou
    State:  Hunan
    Country: China China
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    Website: ( This info for Premium members only )

    Offers list from this company:

    1. [Sell] manufacturer of carbide milling inserts
    2. [Sell] sell Solid Carbide CNC High Precision Ball Nose Endmill
    3. [Sell] Sell CNC cemented carbide end mill
    4. [Sell] sell CNC carbide lathe inserts
    5. [Sell] sell carbide turning inserts SNMM250924
    6. [Sell] Sell cemented carbide cutting tools
    7. [Sell] Sell threading inserts on www,xinruico,com
    8. [Sell] sell CNC carbide milling machine inserts APKT160408
    9. [Sell] Sell CNC cemented carbide inserts PNEA110408
    10. [Sell] Sell CNC metal cutting inserts
    11. [Sell] sell CNC Carbide Milling Plate APKT1035PDSR
    12. [Sell] sell Zhuzhou cemented carbide inserts
    13. [Sell] manufacturer of carbide inserts
    14. [Sell] Sell cemented carbide cutters on www,xinruico,com
    15. [Sell] Sell carbide turning inserts
    16. [Sell] sell milling insert SNEX 1207 AN-H1
    17. [Sell] sell carbide inserts SNEX 1207 AN-15H1
    18. [Sell] sell carbide threading inserts, good quality as Vargus
    19. [Sell] sell carbide parting and grooving inserts
    20. [Sell] sell threading inserts 16ER10APIRD


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