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     Offer to Sell details

    Sell 3M 9926 FFP2 Respirator

    Category: Computers & Hardware / Other Placement Date: May 18, 2013 GMT

    1. P2 ra t ed f i l ter t o AS/NZS171 6.
    2. L i g h t w eight c on s t r u c t i o n p r omo t e s
    gr e a ter comfo r t and c o n tr i but e s to inc
    r eased wear t ime.
    ***** cupped shape , twi n s trap des i gn
    and adjus table alumi nium nose cl i p
    pr ovides a custom f i t w i th fewer press
    u re p o i n ts and a sec u re face seal o v er
    a r a n g e o f f ace s i z e s .
    4. Pat en t ed one-way valve of fers easy
    exhal a t ion and coo l er , d r ier comf o r t .
    5. For use agai n s t mecha n i c a lly gener -
    ated par t i c u l a tes and thermal l y g e n er -
    ated fumes & smokes.
    ***** i t y to capture a c i d gas e s a t nuisance
    lev e l s * l ike chlor i n e , Hydrogen
    s u lphide, Hydrogen Chl o r ide, Hydrogen
    Fluor i d e .
    Pls contact us if you need the model

     Contact information
    Company name:  Wayto Trade Co.,Ltd.
    Company type:  Exporter
    Contact Person:  Alan Send Inquiry
    City:  Guanghzou
    State:  Guangdong
    Country: China Sell 3M 9926 FFP2 Respirator
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    Phone: ( This info for Premium members only )
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