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    Elbow Brass tube oil level gauge

    Category: Machinery & Tools / Conveying Systems Placement Date: Aug 24, 2020 GMT

    Web: www grandmfgcn com E-mail: Grandmfgcn at yahoo com
    L Type Brass Tube Oil level indicator, L oil level gauge with glass tube, Short Elbow Brass oil level Gages, elbow brass level gauge, elbow brass level indicator
    Housing: Brass Tube.
    Tube: Real glass tube.
    O-Ring and flat gaskets: NBR Rubber.
    Thread size: M10x1, M12x1.5, M14x1.5, M16x1.5, G1/4?ˆ?, G3/8?ˆ?, G1/2?ˆ?, NPT1/4, NPT3/8, NPT1/2?ˆ?
    Temperature resistant: -20?ˆ™C to 120 ?ˆ?C. / 0?ˆ™F to 260 ?ˆ?F
    High of two bolt: 80mm to 600mm
    Usage:?  Pump, Thin-wall container, Radiator, Hydraulic reservoir, receivers, Gearboxes, Speed Reducer, Compressor and Power Transmission.

     Contact information
    Company name:  Grand Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
    Company type:  
    Contact Person:  Tony Liu Send Inquiry
    City:  Taizhou
    State:  Zhejiang
    Country: China Elbow Brass tube oil level gauge
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