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    Bird Net

    Category: Machinery & Tools / Power Tools Placement Date: Aug 02, 2012 GMT

    Bird netting made from high-density polyethylene monofilament yarns are knitted into an open mesh fabric. This produces a lightweight, run resistant durable fabric that resists rips tears and abrasions.
    Bird Net is designed to keep birds and bats out of valuable crops, preventing the expensive losses that can occur. Bird Net can be used on a permanent structure or can be applied as a reusable drape-over net. The bird netting has diamond, rectangle, and hexagonal shaped mesh with a flexible aperture width.
    Bird netting protects crops from bird damage. It reduces evaporation, wind rub and damage to new growth. Stress on the crops is lowered making them healthier and show higher yields. Bird netting is specifically designed with optimum hole size, small enough to keep out small birds, but large enough to allow movement of bees. It's 5/8" holes keeps shade to a minimum. Bird netting is a stretch mesh, so the net can be stretched to a greater width or length than that shown in the specifications, allowing for a custom fit.
    10 year Manufacturers Warranty against UV degradation.
    Colors: white , green ,orange , blue, black etc.
    available in
    5.0m x 100m roll length in Black or White
    5.0m x 20m Handy Packs in White
    10.0m x 100m roll length in Black or White
    13.0m x 350m roll length in White
    Weight: 15-50g/m2
    Plastic mesh bird netting is economical and reliable in plant protection against birds. It is solid and durable for several growing seasons and it can also be easily removed and re-rolled for next use. The bird netting is widely used to protect orchard, and crops from birds
    Bird Netting protects against birds attacking fruit or vegetables
    The plastic netting repels pigeon attacks
    Doubles up as an anti-butterfly netting
    The netting apertures allow smaller essential pollinating insects through
    Cultivation of vegetable seedlings, olive root stock, nursery stock, cabbage, peppers, lettuce, some orchard varieties and pot plants

     Contact information
    Company name:  Rockfallbarrier Corporation
    Company type:  
    Contact Person:  chenhuihui Send Inquiry
    City:  Hengshui
    State:  Hebei
    Country: China Bird Net
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